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Ana Navarro Has Fans Amused With the ‘Only in Miami Christmas Display’

Ana Navarro is one of the most beloved co-hosts on The View. The political commentator is witty and is able to laugh at herself. Navarro brings great energy to the panel and fans love to tune in every time she is on the ABC talk show. On social media, Navarro always knows how to keep her followers amused and she shared a Christmas display photo that could only happen in Miami.

There’s no denying that Florida does things a little differently than the rest of the U.S. and Navarro shared an example of it. Miami is one of the richest cultural cities thanks to the big Latino community that resides there. Navarro posted on Instagram a photo of what makes the city so unique during the Christmas season.

“I love it. ‘Only in Miami’ Christmas display, celebrating our diverse community,” Navarro posted. “Mrs. Claus, sporting a guayabera, holding a Cuban cafetera and cafecito cup…and apparently, in a biracial marriage with what I think is a Black Santa Claus. Could use some cocoa butter. He looks a little ashy.”

Guayabera is the shirt Mrs. Claus is wearing as she holds a cup of coffee in one hand. The display highlights the Cuban community in Miami that makes up the majority of residents in the city.

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There’s not much that can top off Navarro’s hilarious Instagram post but the reactions from fans were pretty funny. After The View co-host posted the picture, it wasn’t long before her followers also noticed things within the photo.

“What is Santa holding that is labeled ‘Wet N Wild’?” a fan asked.

“And I think Santa has two wives in this set up,” a follower pointed out.

“I noticed the ashiness first,” an Instagram user said.

“That’s a cool display. I would love to pass a window like that somewhere,” another fan mentioned.

“I think that Santa’s a lady friend. Also, I need a cafetera like that in my life,” another follower commented.

“Ana you are wrong for that but we love,” another Instagram user said.

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The moment of laughter was much-needed as Navarro goes through a difficult time. As many fans already know, Navarro’s mother has been ill for a while now. However, during Thanksgiving Day, the political commentator shared that her mother opened her eyes after being “comatose.”

“We’ve been expecting my mom to pass for over a week. My family has shed enough tears to water the Sahara. She hadn’t eaten or drunk anything for a week and was pretty much comatose,” Navarro shared on Instagram. “Then, yesterday she opened her eyes and started eating a little and moving a little. I don’t understand and don’t want to get my hopes up. But my dad is elated and calling it his ‘birthday miracle.’ It’s all up to God.”

It all happened as Navarro and her family celebrated her dad’s birthday. Navarro’s parents have been married for 60 years and her dad called this a “birthday miracle.”



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