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Jennifer Lopez’s Co-Star Called Their Sex Scene an ‘Intimate Scene’

Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman caused waves after appearing together in a sex scene from The Boy Next Store. Guzman prefers not to refer to that steamy scene a sex scene. Instead, he calls his hot and heavy scene with J.Lo an “intimate scene.”

One of Guzman’s early roles was in the 2012 film Step Up Revolution, in which he played Sean. From 2013 to 2014, Guzman appeared in Pretty Little Liars. He played the character Jake for nine episodes. In 2014, Guzman played Dylan in the film Always Woodstock. His other acting appearances include roles in Heroes Reborn, Notorious, and 9-1-1 Lonestar.

Guzman says when he began playing Eddie Diaz on 9-1-1 Lonestar, he was eager to immerse himself in the character. “I don’t know if I was completely prepared for what was going to ensue, but I was also ready to dive headfirst into this character and really get to understand this character on a different level,” he tells TV Insider.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, Guzman opens up about his experience on the set of The Boy Next Door. He starts by saying he was happy with the way the opening shot of the film turned out. The director (Rob Cohen) chose to open with a shot of Guzman’s bicep. “Rob Cohen knows how to shoot a bicep, doesn’t he?” says Guzman. “He made me look really good.”

When the conversation transitions to Guzman’s sex scene with Jennifer Lopez, he makes a point to refer to it as an intimate scene. When asked why he chooses to speak about the scene using this language, Guzman explains the scene is deeper than just two people having sex.

“Because it’s so much more than just a sex scene,” Guzman tells Cosmopolitan. “That’s why I call it an ‘intimate scene.’ It’s more than just provocative or vulgar or anything like that. It’s sensual and suggestive and, like I said, intimate. The whole point of that scene is to lure this woman in by pleasing her unlike any other man. And that’s why I refer to it as an ‘intimate scene.’”

Although Lopez has a few sex scenes under her belt, she’s careful about nudity. Early in her career, she opted for body doubles so that she wouldn’t have to show too much. During her interview with The Breakfast Club radio show, Lopez says she went to a strip club to pick out a body double for her 1995 movie Money Train. Although she’s not completely comfortable with on-screen nudity, she says she will do “a little” for her films.

“I didn’t want to do nudity back then,” replies Lopez. “That was like my second movie. I was young and scared,” she adds. Lopez says today she does some nudity, but she’s still not comfortable with revealing too much. “I’ll do a little bit more, but I’m still not a full nudity person. I just don’t feel comfortable with that.”

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