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A ‘Full House’ Fan Theory Will Change the Way You Look at the Wholesome Series

Full House followed the lives of Danny Tanner, Jesse Katsopolis, and Joey Gladstone as they worked together to raise Danny’s three kids following the death of Danny’s wife. The dedication of Jesse and Joey to the cause was seen as heartwarming. Some fans think Joey might have had ulterior motives, though. Fans of the series believe there is a resemblance between Joey and the Tanner kids that might explain why he moved into the house to help raise them. 

Full House fans have noticed something a bit strange about the Tanner kids. While Danny has dark hair and dark eyes, his three daughters are all blonde with blue eyes. While their mother appeared to have somewhat fair hair, Jesse, their maternal uncle, was also a brunette with brown eyes. His Greek heritage would suggest a long line of olive complexions in the family, too. Fans argue that the odds of DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner each being blonde are pretty unlikely.

Cracked argues that it would have been statistically unlikely for Danny and his late wife, Pam, to have blonde children. The publication isn’t wrong. The odds of all three being blonde into adulthood is a genetic improbability. Still, it’s not entirely impossible. According to Family Education, two brunettes can have a blonde child if they both carry the recessive gene for blonde hair. They only have a 25% chance of having a blonde child, even with that gene, though. We know that Pam carried that gene, but there isn’t enough information about Danny’s family to ascertain whether or not he was likely to have the recessive gene, too. 

Danny’s darker features, coupled with the fact that Pam, while blonde, came from a family of brunettes, has led some fans to assume Joey, Danny’s childhood best friend, and a natural blonde, is the biological father of DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. While the writers never suggest it, Joey and Pam would be far more likely to have three blonde children than Pam and Danny. The two did have a bit of history, too. In a flashback episode, it was revealed that Joey helped Danny and Pam get together in the first place.

The theory would explain why Joey was willing to give up his entire life to help his friend raise three children. So, how exactly did it happen? Some fans think that Joey had a longstanding affair with Pam. They argue that guilt over the affair led him to agree to move in and help out. It would have also allowed him to stay close while never letting on that he’s their actual father. Aside from the hair and eye color similarities, DJ does resemble Joey if you look closely. 

While a cheating scandal would certainly make Full House a bit juicier, it isn’t the only way Joey could have fathered the three kids. It is possible that Joey served as a sperm donor to Pam and Danny. In the end, it’s probably more likely that Danny, while dark-haired and dark-eyed, has blonde family members. That would easily explain his fair-haired children. 



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