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‘Squid Game’: The Best Gifts for Die-Hard Fans of the Netflix K-Drama

The holidays or any festive occasion call for a long list of gifts for loved ones. For the die-hard fan of Squid Game, there are plenty of creative and fun gifts online. The Korean drama’s popularity opened the door to an influx of merchandise from apparel, plush toys, custom game cards, and even tasteful jewelry. There is a Squid Game gift for all age groups and will be the envy of the party and by guests.

Etsy is one of the leading sites to get custom gifts or merchandise perfect for any K-pop fandom. GoldHillJewelry makes a simple gold necklace displaying the three symbols seen throughout Squid Game. The necklace has smaller versions of the triangle, circle, and square on the calling cards. The symbols are also what make up the childhood game the K-drama is named after.

The Etsy site allows buyers to pick their desired necklace length and desired material. A Squid Game necklace is the perfect gift for any fan who wants a more discreet way of showing off their favorite K-drama while at work, running errands, or for a night out. Who can resist K-drama-inspired jewelry?

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If your special someone is a fan of the original Cards Against Humanity but is looking for a twist to the game, My Hero Cards has the answer. The company specializes in making special edition versions of the beloved card game and has developed a Squid Game version.

Everything in the game has been customized with the K-drama’s logo and key characters like the red guards. According to My Hero Cards, the game includes references to the episodes and characters. Squid Game fans will have a hilariously fun time playing.

Game Against Squid will likely test fans’ knowledge from who wins what round of the Games and who would be willing to participate in the six rounds of childhood games. The game has a total of 252 total cards (54 black cards, 198 white cards).

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CASETiFY is well known for creating special edition phone cases for hit TV shows, movies, and pop culture. It is time for Squid Game fans to represent their favorite K-drama in a phone case. CASETiFY has developed a Squid Game collection worth dying for.

The cases feature almost every aspect of the K-drama. Fans can buy a phone case with their favorite player’s number in the same green color as the infamous tracksuits. If geared more toward the guards, the case has the same texture as their face covers and symbols.

If the “Red Light, Green Light” doll made a lasting impression, CASETiFY also made a case with the character. Squid Game fans can also be gifted a phone case with the mysterious Front Man. CASETiFY’s collection also includes a Dalgona inspired charger. The official collection will drop on Dec.1.



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