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‘Eternals’ Post-Credit Scene Introduced Kit Harington’s Black Knight—Here’s Everything to Know

As Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues to unfold, its films are bringing a bevy of new heroes to protect the planet. It’s not just the title characters of feature films like Black Widow or Eternals. These movies also feature minor characters who are poised to be bigger heroes later on.

Comic book fans will recognize Dane Whitman (played by Kit Harrington), the boyfriend of the Eternal Sersi (Gemma Chan), almost immediately, as Dane Whitman is the name of the superhero, the Black Knight. Though we do not see Whitman become the sword-carrying hero in this MCU film, his transformation from college professor to hero seems inevitable. Here’s what you need to know about the Black Knight.

Throughout the film, Dane Whitman plays a history professor who works at London’s Natural History Museum. He’s the boyfriend of Sersi, who also works at the Museum, teaching young children. At the beginning of the movie, he’s unaware that Sersi is not, in fact, human. However, her young friend, Sprite (Lia McHugh), an Eternal, periodically regaled him with tales of their adventures as Eternals – adventures he dismissed as fantasies.

He learns that these stories are true when he finds himself underfoot as Kro, the leader of the Deviants, attacks Sersi and Sprite. They are saved by Ikaris, who Dane realizes, in an uncomfortable moment, is Sersi’s ex-boyfriend of centuries. In the wake of the attack, Sersi, Sprite, and Ikaris resolve to find the remainder of the Eternals, leaving Dane behind in London.

We later see him speak with Sersi briefly by phone while the Eternals seek out Druig (Barry Keoghan), but bad reception shortens their conversation. And after the climactic final battle, Dane and Sersi are seen walking in a park, with Dane about to reveal a secret to Sersi. Unfortunately, at this point, Sersi is kidnapped by Arishem the Judge, so she (and the audience) do not find out exactly what Dane intended to say.

For those who watch the film’s post-credit scenes, we begin to learn a bit more. The first post-credits scene is unrelated, though it does introduce two important cosmic figures, Pip the Troll (Patton Oswalt) and Starfox (Harry Styles), to the MCU. But we have to watch the second post-credits scene for the first look at our more Earthly hero-to-be.

Dane is clearly affected by Sersi’s abduction and retreats to a study in an old family house. In front of him, on a desk, lies a rectangular case covered by a cloth, which he hesitates to open. After some deliberation, he does so, revealing a long dark sword. A close look at its blade reveals that it appears to ripple. Further, upon opening the case, whispering can be heard, presumably from the sword.

An off-camera voice asks Dane if he’s prepared for the sword. As per Deseret News, Eternals director Chloe Zhao has confirmed that the voice belongs to another soon-to-be fully revealed MCU hero, Blade. Longtime Marvel movie fans may recall that the half-human, half-vampire Blade was the subject of a trilogy of movies in the late Nineties/early 2000s starring Wesley Snipes. However, this version of Blade will be played by a different actor, Mahershala Ali.

As for Harrington’s Dane Whitman, he’ll likely be in for quite an ordeal as he steps into the hero world. The sword he’s unearthed is likely the Ebony Blade, the source of the Black Knight’s powers, at least according to the comics. Passed down from generation to generation, the Blade grants its user a durable form of armor, a healing factor, and protection from mystic attacks. The Blade itself can also cut through any metal, slice through magic barriers, project concussive force, and absorb energy attacks.

Unfortunately, these powers come with a cost. The Blade is sentient and entices its wielder to kill. It can absorb the souls of those cut down by its blade, making the sword and its wielder even stronger. Given the whispering viewers hear in the post-credits scene, these elements of the Black Knight’s comic book biography will likely be incorporated into subsequent MCU movies.

Without the Blade, Whitman is an ordinary man. However, at one point in the comics, Dane was connected to Sersi through a lovers’ bond known as the gann josin. While connected, Dane’s physical strength, speed, and reflexes were also enhanced. It remains to be seen if this element will also be adapted. And with Sersi off-world in the clutches of Arishem, it’s unlikely that Dane’s heroic journey will start with anything other than his family’s Ebony Blade: a dubious power source indeed.

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