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‘Scream’ Star Skeet Ulrich Never Watched the Sequels

Scream created a fresh buzz when the trailer for part 5 dropped on Oct. 12, nearly 25 years after the original movie arrived in theaters. Fans are looking forward to Neve Campbell reprising her role as Sidney Prescott along with David Arquette as Dewey and Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers. But two other OG stars recently weighed in on the film, including Skeet Ulrich — aka Billy Loomis.

Ulrich recently spoke with People to reminisce about Scream and its upcoming anniversary. With all the hubbub surrounding Scream 5, it’s worth a look back at the Ghostface who kicked things off. As Billy Loomis, Ulrich was Sidney’s somewhat doting boyfriend. But viewers didn’t learn until the end of the movie that he resented her and her family.

Why? Sid’s mom had an affair with Billy’s dad, and it broke up his family. After toying with the audience — and the characters in the film — Billy finally revealed himself as Ghostface. And Matthew Lillard played his murdering sidekick Stu. Scream sequels explored the revenge theme more, but Ulrich wouldn’t know that.

When People asked him for his thoughts about the new Scream, he said, “I have no expectations, I’m excited to see it.” And he admitted that he didn’t watch Scream 2, 3, or 4. Ulrich’s co-star Lillard chimed in and advised him to watch all four films before diving into the next installment. Now that his run on Riverdale is over, he may have time to binge watch them.

Considered a slasher revival film, Scream arrived at a time when classic teen horror films were in a lull. It turned into a monster hit for Wes Craven, and the story’s twist had some fans watching it multiple times. Drew Barrymore’s opening scene is one of the most memorable in the genre, but the cast did not realize the movie would blow up the way it did.

“It was nothing that really crossed our minds, to be honest … we had no clue,” Ulrich told People. “In the making of it, I felt like we were doing really sharp work and everybody was bringing something to it that was a lot of fun and really worked and we were excited by the process of making it — but we had no idea.”

While Billy died in the first movie, and it looked like Stu did too, it hasn’t stopped some fans from speculating that Lillard’s character may appear in Scream 5. He’s staying mum on the matter, but the old Macher mansion is part of the new film.

But Lillard does maintain that his character didn’t die in Scream. He told Us Weekly that a TV to the face didn’t take him out, and the sparks were just for flair. To confirm his theory, fans can stream the film on Amazon, Apple TV, or YouTube, or via a provider such as DirecTV. Scream 5 hits theaters on Jan. 14, 2022.

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