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Chuck Norris Has Black Belts in 6 Different Martial Arts and Even Created His Own Martial Art Called Chun Kuk Do

The name of Chuck Norris is pretty easy to recognize, thanks to all the jokes and internet memes surrounding it. Most of those memes and jokes reference Norris’ notorious strength and fighting ability, and for a good reason. Norris has earned top marks in six different martial arts disciplines and even created his own. He is a phenomenon for sure and worth being known. 

Chuck Norris joined the Air Force as an Air Policeman at the age of 18 in 1958, and it was there that his martial arts journey began. In 1960, he transferred to the Osan Air Base in South Korea. While in South Korea, Norris took a class in Judo but sadly broke his shoulder only one week into the class. 

The time recovering from a broken shoulder was not wasted because Norris witnessed Tang Soo Do during this time off. Combat Museum reports that it was the grace and spinning kicks that really mesmerized Norris and made him want to be a part of it. His Judo teacher introduced him to the Tang Soo Do teacher, and Norris’ journey really began. 

Norris told the LA Times, “I was training in Tang Soo Do four hours a day, from 6 in the evening until 10 at night, Monday through Friday, and then judo on Saturdays. Being a 19-year-old kid and not really athletic, it was tough. “

Chuck Norris has proven to be quite prolific in honing his skills in various martial arts. He doesn’t only go halfway, either. Norris has black belts in at least six martial arts methodologies. Here are the ones where he holds at least a black belt. 

The sixth martial art that Chuck Norris holds a black belt in deserves its section because he actually invented this discipline himself. Norris started developing Chun Kuk Do in the early 1970s, but it wasn’t officially named until 1990. 

Chun Kuk Do has been compared to Karate due to its similarities in traditional forms and stances. However, Norris has incorporated other styles into Chun Kuk Do over the years. It is more of an all-encompassing fighting style. Chun Kuk Do also teaches an honor code and uses various weapons, such as Nunchuks, a Bo staff, and Sai. 

While holding a black belt in no less than six martial arts, one of which you created yourself, is enough recognition for most people, Chuck Norris goes far beyond just that. According to Fandom Wiki, here is a list of other accolades Norris has received through the years. 

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