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‘Big Brother Spoiler’: A Leak Reveals a Double Eviction Veto Comp

Big Brother fans are being kept in the dark for this second double eviction. But there was an audio leak that gave a Big Brother spoiler to a few details along with who the producers are rooting for to win.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for the Big Brother 23 double eviction veto comp on Sept. 16.]

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Big Brother usually has at least one double eviction each season. But this season, things are switched up. There are two double evictions in back-to-back weeks.

The first double eviction has already played out. It started with Claire Rehfuss getting evicted on Tiffany Mitchell’s Head of Household (HOH). Hannah Chaddha then won and nominated Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez. Xavier won the veto, and Kyland Young was put on the block. In the end, Alyssa was evicted.

That left just the members of The Cookout in the house. Kyland won HOH, and he put Hannah and Tiffany on the block with the goal of evicting Tiffany. 

Feeds were down on Sept. 15, and they won’t be back until after the airing of the double eviction on Sept. 16. But fans got a sneak peek of the next episode.

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The live feeds have been down to keep details about the double eviction under wraps. But there was an audio leak that revealed a few small details.

It revealed that a veto competition is “What the Bleep?” It sounded like production was doing a rehearsal of the veto competition. Whoever was playing as Kyland won, but it sounds like the producers aren’t rooting for Kyland to win. Someone said Hannah should have won instead. Tiffany’s name wasn’t heard, so it’s likely she was evicted before this competition.

The actual winner of the veto has yet to be revealed. But it looks like Hannah’s game is still in jeopardy this week and needs to win.

“What the Bleep?” has become a staple competition for the show. The houseguests have to watch clips from earlier in the summer where words are bleeped out. Julie Chen Moonves tells them what that word might be, and the houseguests have to answer true or false.

Right now, things aren’t looking good for the women of The Cookout. The men are targeting them, and after Tiffany goes, Hannah is most likely going to follow unless she wins HOH.

Hannah’s closest ally left is Xavier, who everyone in the house is loyal to. Tiffany tried hard to unite Azah Awasum and Hannah, but it never worked. So Azah is currently more loyal to Derek Frazier and Xavier.

That’s the only Big Brother spoiler available for the double eviction. Soon fans will figure out how the double eviction plays out by watching the 2-hour episode on CBS.



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