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Is ‘Lucifer’ Season 6 the Last Season of the Show?

Since its series premiere back in 2016, Lucifer has gone on quite a bumpy ride. Fox canceled the Tom Ellis-led show during its third season, but it was later picked up by Netflix. However, the streamer continued to struggle with the series’ future, eventually declaring it would end with season 5. In June 2020, it undid that decision, announcing that Lucifer would get a sixth outing. The new episodes dropped on the streamer in September 2021. But is Lucifer Season 6 truly the end of the show?

Unfortunately, yes, Lucifer Season 6 marks the series’ last hurrah. Although season 5 was originally intended to round out Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe’s (Lauren German) story, Netflix announced in June 2020 that fans would have more time to bid farewell to these characters.

A Twitter post from the official Lucifer page clarified that, unlike the fifth season, season 6 would be “FINAL final.”

And the sixth season gave a fitting ending to all of Lucifer‘s characters, to the point where it’s hard to imagine Netflix bringing it back. While many shows have been rebooted or revisited, the creators seem content with where they left things.

In fact, showrunners ldy Modrovich and Joe Henderson told Collider that they almost didn’t take Netflix up on their offer for a sixth season because they were satisfied with season 5’s conclusion. Henderson explained:

“When they called us saying, hey, JK, we actually do want a season 6 if you guys have a story, we were like, no, we’re good. We don’t, we love our ending, we love everything, we’re super happy, thank you, but no, thank you.”

Of course, the duo eventually realized they did have more stories to tell — and that season 6 gave them opportunities they didn’t have time to take advantage of in Lucifer Season 5.

Not only did moving forward with Lucifer Season 6 give Henderson and Modrovich a chance to throw Lucifer and Chloe into new conflicts, but it allowed them to give the supporting cast a proper sendoff.

In hindsight, that’s something the pair appreciates about getting one last go-round: the ability to give a grand farewell to characters like Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi). Modrovich says the new episodes of Lucifer were satisfying in that way:

“Looking back, if we hadn’t had that, my gosh, I feel like it was such a cathartic season. We really got to spend the time to say goodbye to these characters that we love.”

Getting to spend more time with these characters was likely as comforting to the fans as it was to the creators. How did the Lucifer fandom feel about season 6 and where it ended things?

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Despite getting more episodes and additional time with their favorite characters, Lucifer fans have mixed feelings about the series finale. Endings are never easy, but Lucifer‘s proved bittersweet when many were hoping for a “happily ever after.” Others were prepared for an emotional roller coaster and even satisfied with it.

When it comes to the divided reactions to the final season, one Redditor put it best:

“Last seasons are always going to be a bit polarizing. Everyone has their own expectations for the characters and the plots, and these expectations are never going to be 100 percent met, and people get emotional about it.”

Regardless of where fans stand on Lucifer‘s ending, one thing is certain: many of them are going to miss this show. Fortunately, they can always revisit the previous seasons.

Lucifer Season 6 is currently streaming on Netflix.



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