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‘Red Table Talk’: Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Yvonne Orji on Their Shaved Head Freedom

In July, Jada Pinkett Smith switched things up when she shaved her hair. She and daughter Willow posted a photo on Instagram that showcased their dual buzzcut heads. Compliments poured in from fans and friends supporting the new look. Previously, Pinkett Smith had a cropped haircut, but at Willow’s urging, she took things a bit further.

In the latest episode of Facebook Watch’s Red Table Talk, she dives into what inspired the change, and she also chopped it up with Tiffany Haddish Yvonne Orji. All three women shared their reasons for shaving it all off.

Red Table Talk kicked off with a surprise visit from Tiffany Haddish, who shaved her hair in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. Moved to explore her inner and outer self, she explained that she’d never seen her scalp before and once she cut her hair off, it felt liberating — and spiritual. Pinkett Smith her decision to do it was similar Haddish’s.

“It was a mixture of a spiritual calling and also going, ‘Girl, at some point, your hairline’s going to be back here. So we might as well just do it now,’ and so it was like taking that leap,” Pinkett Smith said. “But so many things I discovered about myself.” She described it as “freeing” and added, “So much just lifted off of me. It just called me.”

She shared that she’d talked about doing it many times and felt she was finally ready to let it go. “I’m so glad I did it. It was such a beautiful experience. Such a freedom! I feel more connected to myself and to the great divine in a very special way.”

Moreover, it’s been a way for Pinkett Smith to celebrate turning 50 on Sept. 18 and letting go of old attitudes, standards, and expectations. Self-love is the name of the game, and yes, hubby Will Smith loves it too.

Pinkett Smith, Willow, and Gammy later welcomed members of the Bald Boss Movement, a Facebook group that promotes beauty for women and girls with little or no hair. It led to a greater discussion about hair attachment and discrimination, and common expectations in the Black community to maintain longer hair.

Insecure star Yvonne Orji stopped by the Red Table to chat about her hair journey too. She cut hers off during quarantine in 2020, but it was not her first time. She said when she wore it natural in the past, it was received well when she lived in New York. Moving to Los Angeles for her career turned into culture shock, as people did not accept it. She turned to weaves to assimilate.

This time around, she loves the short ‘do (even though her family didn’t) and Issa Rae even told her they’re writing it into Insecure Season 5. Fans will get to check out her new style on camera!

The Red Table Talk crew brought three women out who each had their own reasons for wanting to shave their heads, and they did it on the show. Taryn wanted to challenge the standard that girls should have long hair. Aly’s been growing her hair to donate to a children’s cancer charity, and after seeing Pinkett Smith, she was ready for a buzz cut. She also wanted to show her children that what’s on the inside is most important. And June wanted a fresh start after ending a 10-relationship and was willing part with her crown as a way to let go.

Check out Pinkett Smith and the rest of the women’s stories on Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch.

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