Post Malone’s Fiancée: Everything Fans Learned About the Mystery Woman

Post Malone, born Austin Richard Post, is known for his sensational rapping and songwriting. Now, the musician is causing a stir for reasons beyond his music. He announced he now has a fiancée and a baby. So, who is Post Malone’s fiancée? Here’s everything fans managed to learn about the musician’s romantic partner.

Post Malone announced he’s engaged and has a baby girl with his partner

The musician Post Malone has an important announcement. According to TMZ, the rapper just welcomed a baby girl, and he revealed the information while speaking to radio star Howard Stern.

“I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon,” Post said. “I went and I kissed my baby girl.”

“Baby girl — are you referring to your girlfriend?” Stern asked for clarification. “Or, you have a baby?”

“No, that’s my daughter,” Post answered.

Stern then asked once again if Post has a daughter, as this is the first he heard of the news.

“I want to let her make her own decisions,” Post noted regarding not speaking about his child.

The conversation then shifted over to Post Malone’s fiancée. “She’s my fiancée,” Post clarified to Stern after Stern asked more about Post’s personal life with the new baby.

TMZ notes Post Malone told the publication in May 2022 that he and his girlfriend were expecting, so it seems he got engaged in the last month or so. The musician also noted his little family makes him happier than anything else, and he aims to prioritize caring for himself and his family moving forward.

Who is Post Malone’s fiancée? Here’s everything fans think they know

So, who is Post Malone’s fiancée? Post hasn’t come out and revealed the identity of the mother of his child, as it’s clear he hopes to raise a family privately. But some fans think they at least know the name of his girlfriend — and that’s Jamie.

YourTango notes several fans confirmed Jamie is the name of Post Malone’s fiancée. Additionally, fans took note of photos of Post with the potential mystery woman. One photo shows Jamie standing in front of Post while wearing a mask over her face and a striped sweater. Another photo shows Jamie standing in front of and leaning against Post amongst a group of friends.

“He’s dating a girl called Jamie,” a Reddit user wrote in March 2022. “Has been for a while and regardless of any opinions of her, he seems genuinely happy.”

Another user noted he’s been dating Jamie for over a year. Yet another fan posited Post’s dentist follows Jamie on Instagram.

An Instagram user asked Post Malone about his girlfriend in February 2022. The musician verified he was dating someone and it made him “the happiest he’s ever been” — but he also hinted that he wouldn’t be giving away any additional information.

Fans believe Post Malone’s fiancée is definitely the woman named Jamie. But rumors swirled that Post dated another rapper, MLMA.

HITC notes MLMA is a rapper and fashion designer from South Korea. She has several hit songs, such as Sweetie and You Can’t Kill Me I’m Alive. MLMA reportedly posted a photo with Post in the past, and she captioned the photo, “I did makeup on the cutest face.” This, of course, sparked romance rumors.

Prior to the MLMA rumors, Post had a semi-public relationship with Ashlen Diaz. They began dating in 2015.

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