Emma Watson Didn’t Understand Her Power Until ‘Harry Potter’ Ended

Emma Watson is one of the most recognizable faces on the globe. Thanks to her involvement in the Harry Potter franchise, Watson has been famous since she was 9 years old. Because of her star power, Watson has her pick of projects, and many in the industry are interested in working with her. Unlike other actors, Watson doesn’t have to audition for most of her roles. Instead, they are typically offered to her outright. And because Watson is a multimillionaire, she gets to be very strategic about the projects she chooses to film.

Needless to say, Watson wields quite a bit of power in the entertainment industry. This is especially true when you compare her to lesser-known working actors. Funnily enough, Watson wasn’t aware of how much power she held until she finished filming the Harry Potter movies. She admits to feeling shocked that so many people in the entertainment industry were interested in meeting her once ending her tenure as Hermione Granger.

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In an interview with GQ UK, Watson recalled recognizing her power for the first time. “It’s only after the [Harry Potter] films ended and I remember taking a trip out to LA and my agent saying, ‘You should really take some meetings, you should go and meet people,'” the Noah actor shared. “It was only then that it really dawned on me, and it was quite overwhelming when it did, but every single studio head of every big studio in Hollywood gave up their time and came and met me personally.”

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Continuing on, Watson shared that because she was sheltered, she didn’t truly realize how in-demand she was at the time. “I really didn’t understand that I had that kind of power,” she explained. “I genuinely didn’t. I think my parents were very focused on keeping me down to earth. The biggest compliment I’ve ever had, getting ready for a premiere or whatever, is that I scrub up all right. I don’t know. I didn’t fully understand what it all meant. I really didn’t have any perspective of it. I was actually just incredibly naive about the whole thing.”

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Watson also shared that filming the Harry Potter movies far away from Hollywood allowed her to be within a type of bubble. The lion’s share of the films were shot in Leavesden Studios in South East England. This allowed Watson not to be confronted with her own fame consistently. So while Watson may have been a part of the A-list once Harry Potter ended, she still felt the need to work hard to prove herself.

“I feel like I still have to earn the respect of the directors that I respect to play certain roles,” Watson shared. “I know that sounds ridiculous, but you have to understand, we made these films in this weird bubble.”

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