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What ‘Jurassic Park’ Got Wrong With the T-Rex and Raptors, According to a Dinosaur Expert

Jurassic World Dominion brought a huge cast of dinosaurs along as it stampeded into theaters. For a work of fiction, the movie gets quite a bit right with its dinosaurs, which is something the original Jurassic Park can’t claim. Dominion director Colin Trevorrow said remaking the first movie would be a mistake, but that might be the only way to fix what Jurassic Park got wrong with the T-Rex and raptors.

Dominion isn’t as accurate as a textbook regarding its dino depictions, but the movie gets a lot right.

Director Colin Trevorrow consulted with paleontologists to ensure his fictional reptiles were as accurate as possible. Jurassic World Dominion gets several things right with its dinosaurs because of it.

Some dinosaurs were adept at living in colder climates, so seeing a herd of Parasaurolophus running through the snow isn’t creative liberty. Also, Trevorrow accurately depicts the massive Dreadnoughtus. Finally, many dinosaurs displayed nurturing instincts similar to the raptor Blue’s behavior in Dominion.

The first Jurassic Park isn’t supposed to be 100% factual, but a paleontologist said its depictions of velociraptors and the Tyrannosaurus Rex are way off.

So Jurassic Park got a few things wrong with its dino depictions. As Sues mentions in his video, the movie isn’t a documentary, it’s entertainment, and it delivers.

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