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‘Cobra Kai’: Tanner Buchanan Ruins Takes, Mary Mouser Reveals


You would think the cast of Cobra Kai have enough on their plate without their costars making it harder. They already have to learn complicated fight choreography along with memorizing their lines and conveying the drama of their characters. But no, one clown has to make trouble on the set. And that clown is Tanner Buchanan, according to Mary Mouser.

Buchanan attended Cobra Kai: Live and Badass on May 5 with his co-stars, and Showbiz Cheat Sheet was there. Mouser and Gianni DeCenzo put Buchanan on blast right on stage. Cobra Kai Season 5 premieres Sept. 9 on Netflix

Tanner Buchanan is the ‘Cobra Kai’ class clown

Kristian Harloff moderated Cobra Kai: Live and Badass and asked the cast some trivia questions, When Harloff asked, “Who is most likely to break character and laugh during a take?” Mouser immediately said, “Tanner.” 

Tanner Buchanan doesn’t just ruin his own takes on ‘Cobra Kai’

Mouser elaborated on Buchanan’s antics. He doesn’t just mess up his own takes. He makes things harder for her, too. Cobra Kai Season 2 was the one where Samantha (Mouser) trained with Robby (Buchanan) and her father, Daniel (Ralph Machio). It’s where Samantha and Robby briefly fell for each other, so they had a lot of scenes together. 

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“I spent an entire season, season 2, just me, him, and Ralph in the backyard,” Mouser said. “And every single take of every single scene, thank God he and I were in the shot at the same time a lot of the times because it meant he was forced to take it seriously. Because if he’s on the other side of the camera, he’s just losing his mind while Ralph and I try to have a serious scene. He’s just back there…”

DeCenzo plays Demetri on Cobra Kai. Season 2 was also where Demetri decided to sign up for Miyagi-Do’s free classes. Demetri wasn’t a very ambitious student and he was difficult for Daniel to get through to. As an actor, DeCenzo just wants to get his lines right and make the scene the best it can possibly be. So when Demetri and Robby had scenes together in Cobra Kai Season 2, you can imagine how challenging Buchanan made them. Perhaps it’s good for the Miyagi-Dos and Eagle Fangs that Robby ran away, and later defected to Cobra Kai.

“I definitely can, especially whenever the camera is not on him, he’ll make funny faces and then he’ll be the one laughing,” DeCenzo said. “I’m like, what are you doing laughing?”

Buchanan defended himself. 

“I’m super fun,” Buchanan said. “What are you talking about?”

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