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‘One Piece’ 1049 Spoilers Finally Give Fans a Satisfying Plot Development


Spoilers ahead for the latest One Piece chapter

One Piece chapter 1049 spoilers on Reddit are out, which means it’s time to take a look at how the acclaimed manga will progress as we approach the climax of the Wano arc. The battle between Luffy and Kaido has raged on for several chapters and is just getting started in the anime, but since Luffy achieved his Gear 5 transformation, it’s clear that the battle was racing toward a conclusion. One Piece 1049 is that conclusion, thankfully.

Fans have expected One Piece author Eiichiro Oda to include backstory for the story’s most threatening antagonist for years at this point. Flashbacks have been a staple of Oda’s storytelling since the early days of the One Piece manga, and he’s known for putting in tragic backstories to accentuate the clash of ideals in key battles. Examples of this include Luffy’s battle against Rob Lucci as well as his most recent battle against Charlotte Katakuri.

In the One Piece 1049 spoilers, we see that Kaido’s flashback goes back to the early days. He was raised in Vodka Kingdom, which is hilariously appropriate given Kaido’s character trait of getting violently drunk no matter the occasion. In Vodka Kingdom, he encounters Whitebeard, who alerts him to the fact that the legendary pirate Rocks wants to meet with him.

Rocks D. Xebec is famously the pirate who was able to unite Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido as part of the same pirate crew. These characters became the strongest pirates of the next generation (besides, of course, the King of Pirates – Gol D. Roger, who we just learned had no devil fruit power).

More details will surely be included when the chapter officially releases on Sunday, but this is a good preview to give us a few details, thanks to Etenboy of WG Forums.

Where chapter 1048 left off, Luffy menacingly held his insanely large fist over the head of Kaido and all of the floating Onigashima. In fact, that’s also how chapter 1047 left off, leading fans to draw comparisons to the iconic “five minutes until the planet explodes” moment from the Namek saga of Dragon Ball.

This time, Oda won’t leave fans with just a teaser. The One Piece 1049 spoilers reveal that Luffy’s massive punch will connect with Kaido, leaving him defeated as Onigashima moves out of the way. This is preceded by a Luffy speech in which he says, roughly, that his goal is to create a world where none of his friends starve. Luffy’s punch sends Kaido flying all the way down to the Flower Capitol, where the citizens of Wano are celebrating.

This may leave you wondering – how will Onigashima continue floating if Kaido’s defeated? There’s a brief note that Momonosuke is finally able to create a flame cloud so that he can move the castle and island out of the way.

At the very end of the spoilers, Kaido has another flashback wherein he remembers telling his right-hand man King that Joy Boy will be the man to defeat him. Luffy being the inheritor of the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika makes this a self-fulfilling prophecy as he lies defeated by the “next Joy Boy.”

Unfortunately, after One Piece 1049 releases, there will be a break next week. This follows the usual cadence of three chapters followed by a break. The only reason that cadence was broken was because of Golden Week, which delayed chapter 1048.

With the One Piece 1049 spoilers confirming that the Kaido backstory won’t last more than half a chapter, it’ll be interesting to see what Oda does with a landmark One Piece chapter 1050. The story may focus on the fallout of Kaido’s defeat. Maybe there’ll be reactions from the others on the island, though all of Kaido’s top lieutenants and Big Mom have already been defeated. A likelier outcome is that Oda will focus on how Momonsuke will actually land the floating island of Onigashima. After Big Mom’s defeat, there’s a conveniently placed crater that might be a better place to land than on top of the citizens in the Flower Capitol.

Still, there is the potential for a return to flashbacks. Since the end of the chapter has Kaido reminiscing on his thoughts about Joy Boy, maybe we’ll see more of that. The Wano arc has been going on since chapter 909, so maybe Oda’s ready to finally land this plane.

Until chapter 1050 releases, we’ll just have to make due with the One Piece 1049 spoilers. More detailed spoilers should release in the next 24 hours, with the leaked chapter likely coming Thursday/Friday. You can read the official chapter on Sunday at 11 a.m. ET on the Shonen Jump app.

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