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‘The Sound of Magic’: Deleted Scene With Il-deung Was Vital in the Webtoon’s Finale

The Sound of Magic K-drama is based on a popular webtoon from 2010. Longtime fans of the webtoon saw the wonder and magic of the storyline come to life on screen. While The Sound of Magic sticks to the source material almost seamlessly, fans were dismayed when a finale scene in the webtoon was left out despite having been filmed and became a deleted scene. The webtoon finale continued Il-deung’s story.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Sound of Magic.]

The K-drama finale reveals the real culprit behind the mystery and crimes. The police accuse Ri-eul of the disappearance of one of Ah-yi’s schoolmates. As well as local muggings by a man in a magician’s cape. The investigation and Ri-eul’s tragic backstory have Ah-yi question if he is really a magician.

Ah-yi trusts Ri-eul more than ever and understands his desire not to become an adult in a broken society. While the police are ready to take him into custody, Ah-yi performs one last trick and reassures Ri-eul that she believes in magic and him.

She makes him disappear into thin air, and fans never see him again. Fans learn Il-deung dropped out of school after realizing he was living his life wrong. Years later, Ah-yi is in college, takes care of her sister, and her father provides for them. But fans do not know what happened to Il-deung and Ah-yi performs magic tricks for customers at a restaurant.

While The Sound of Magic does not give an update on what happened to Il-deung after he leaves school, there is an unaired deleted scene based on the webtoon.

‘The Sound of Magic’ has a deleted scene from the webtoon where Il-deung performs magic

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The K-drama mimics the original webtoon almost perfectly, from the filming locations to some of the storyline’s most impactful scenes. The finale of The Sound of Magic is almost identical to the webtoon. Ah-yi grows older, writes letters to Ri-eul, and becomes a part-time magician in honor of him. But the webtoon also continued Il-deung’s story that fans did not get to see in the K-drama.

The last time fans saw Il-deung in The Sound of Magic was when he left school to pursue his own path. But the webtoon ends his story differently. According to webtoon, Ah-yi and Il-deung are still in touch with one another, and he calls her to spend Christmas Eve together. After the call, a young girl drops her candy. Il-deung crouches down to perform a magic trick and makes the candy appear.

The little girl asks if he is a magician, but he says “no” and looks sad. It seems The Sound of Magic filmed a similar scenario with actor Hwang In-youp, but it was not included in the drama and is likely a deleted scene. The visual artist for drama, DK, posted on his Instagram behind-the-scenes photos on the set of the supposed scene.

In the photos, Hwang is in a shopping mall location as Il-deung. A photo shows Hwang kneeling on the floor in front of a child actor. Hwang seems to be practicing a magic trick for the scene with DK’s help. The photos tease fans that the webtoon scene was filmed, but The Sound of Magic instead made it a deleted scene and gave Il-deung a mysterious end.

Some fans were upset about the K-drama did not include Il-deung’s webtoon finale

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It is heartbreaking for fans of the original webtoon to learn The Sound of Magic did plan to include Il-deung’s follow-up ending but instead became a deleted scene.

A fan on Twitter comments, “The only thing that’s I’m disappointed about The Sound of Magic is the ending that felt incomplete. (I love the ending performance). But I’m a Annarasumanara webtoon enthusiast, I wanted to see Il-deung with the kid and Li-eul invitation too.”

The webtoon also has another cliffhanger finale the K-drama does not include. After Ah-yi performs magic for a little girl and asks, “Do you believe in magic?” there is another ending scene. Ri-eul tells Ah-yi that the amusement park’s mailbox is also magic in the K-drama and webtoon.

Ah-yi started leaving letters in the hope her mother would answer. When Ri-eul disappears, she leaves letters for him as well. In the webtoon finale, the mailbox opens to reveal an invitation from possibly Ri-eul.

The Sound of Magic is available to read at Webtoon.

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