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‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 3 Cast Includes a Lot of Champions — But Johnny Bananas Is Not 1 of Them


The Challenge: All Stars season 2 recently ended and crowned its winners — MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion. And that means it’s time to talk about season 3. It was filmed in the fall of 2021 and is expected to hit Paramount+ in early summer.

An official cast list has yet to be revealed, but there have been quite a few leaks. If they turn out to be true, there are going to be a lot of champions in season 3. But Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio isn’t one of them.

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ season 3 takes place in Panama

According to Screen Rant, season 3 of The Challenge: All Stars was filmed a month before season 2 started airing in November 2021. The season was reportedly filmed in Panama, and it will feature a lot of fan-favorites. As well as a few villains.

All Stars season 3 will be hosted by TJ Lavin. It will feature 24 old-school Challenge cast members — who originally made their MTV debut on Road Rules and The Real World — competing for a $500,000 prize.

The season 3 cast includes a lot of champions, but not the GOAT

According to numerous spoiler accounts, the cast list for The Challenge: All Stars season 3 is filled with former champions. Out of the rumored 24 contestants, 16 have won at least one previous season of The Challenge. But, the cast could have had one more former champ — the GOAT, aka Johnny Bananas.

Nova Rogue claims that Bananas dropped out of All Stars season 3 at the last minute. But, it’s not clear why the seven-time champ made that decision.

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ season 3 cast list has some faces fans haven’t seen in years

The 16 winners that are rumored to be part of the season 3 All Stars cast include two competitors that fans haven’t seen since the early 2000s. The champions who are competing on season 3 are:

Beth Stolarczyk is rumored to be a replacement

The rest of the cast for All Stars season 3 includes Jemmye Carroll, Kailah Casillas, Kellyanne Judd, Melinda Stolp, Nia Moore, Sylvia Elsrode, Tina Barta, and Laterrian Wallace. There have also been reports that Beth Stolarczyk came in as a replacement. But, it’s not clear who she will replace.

It’s possible that fans will get to see Tina and Beth compete against each other for the first time since The Duel 15 years ago when Tina punched Beth in the face. There is a ton of history between many of the season 3 cast members, which should make for a lot of drama both inside and outside of the arena.

Bananas may not be competing in All Stars season 3. But, he’s definitely talking about it on his podcast Death, Taxes, and Bananas. When Darrell Taylor was a guest, Bananas told him that he’d heard Yes Duffy didn’t like him or his podcast.

“Rumor has it, on All Stars 3, here’s a little spoiler, he told Wes [Bergmann] the reason that he hates Wes and doesn’t like me is because of mine and Wes’s conversation on the podcast,” Bananas shared.

It’s not clear which conversation between Wes and Bananas that Yes didn’t like. The two talked for nearly an hour and a half during an August 2021 episode, where they criticized season 37 strategies and dished on showmances.

The Challenge: All Stars season 3 is expected to premiere this summer on Paramount+.

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