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‘Sister Wives’: 3 Times Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s Twitter Interactions Hinted at the Trouble in Their Marriage

TLC will likely feature Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s separation on the next season of Sister Wives. The network elected to end season 16 with Christine’s decision to pack Kody’s things. The upcoming tell-all episode looks like it will be action-packed, too. Before the tell-all episode, fans might want to look at the former couple’s Twitter feeds. If you look back at their social media interactions, Kody and Christine appeared to be publicly hostile toward each other for a long time. 

‘Sister Wives’ stars, Christine and Kody, took shots at each other via Twitter back in 2020

Sister Wives fans have long assumed Kody was salty with Christine for not following him blindly. The mother of six has been staunchly opposed to several of Kody’s big ideas, and she’s become more outspoken about it in recent seasons. A 2020 Twitter post seems to prove the theory. 

In early January 2020, Kody took to Twitter to ask his followers what Christine Brown was in the family’s story if he was the “protagonist.” Kody seemed to be referring to Christine adamantly refusing to live in the same house as a sister wife again. Kody apparently wanted to make Christine the villain in the tale. She wasn’t going to let the comment slide. Christine took to the social media platform to clap back. She suggested that Kody should have married a “hometown” girl if he wanted such a setup. 

Christine Brown revealed that the move to Flagstaff, Arizona had her stress eating 

Christine has been really open about her feelings in recent months. Sister Wives viewers have seen some seriously raw emotion from the mother of six. While that level of openness might have initially seemed to be new, it wasn’t. Christine has been open about her feelings on Twitter for quite a while. 

In January 2020, long before Christine opted to leave her marriage, she revealed that moving from Las Vegas to Flagstaff was stressful. She seemed to admit that Kody’s pushing of the one-house idea was incredibly stressful. Christine said the process made her stress eat “so much.” 

Kody spent several months pushing the idea of building one large house for the entire family before he seemed to abandon developing the Coyote Pass land entirely. At present day, the family still has not broken ground on the acreage. What Christine has opted to do with her plot of land remains unknown. 

Fans had a pretty big clue that things weren’t right between Kody and Christine when the family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. Still, one of Kody’s tweets in 2021 illustrated exactly how he felt about Christine toward the end of their marriage. 

In March 2021, Kody tweeted about one person being “hostile” and ruining an entire gathering. The tweet appeared to be a reply to a fan suggesting that everyone in the Brown family is always hostile with each other. Sister Wives fans believe Kody was suggesting Christine was the family member who brought hostility to the table. Even if it were true, fans think she was justified. 



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